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14 Campbell Avenue Southeast
Roanoke, VA, 24011
United States


Metro! is downtown Roanoke, VA's premiere dining and late night experience.


This week at Metro!

Brett Lemon

I love September!  Fall menus are in the works!  Punkin Ale from Dogfish Brewery, Curry Pumpkin Soup with Apple Butter Creme Fraiche and our Apple Butter Martini is back!  ........I made the Apple Butter from Scratch from a bushel of apples I accidentally ordered!   And if the malls can start selling Christmas stuff in August, well, I should at least be able to start my Oktoberfest cuisine in September.  Curing Duck Breasts for Smoked Duck Pastrami, making sausages of all kinds, fermenting our OWN Sauerkraut as well as curing and smoking bacon for our Seasonal "Choucroute Garni" The Alsatian Dish of Seasoned Sauerkraut "Garnished" with Cured Meats, Sausages and Champagne.  Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Maytag Blue Cheese Cream made from Giant Sweet Potatoes grown by our Exclusive Farmer Ken Meador.....  and new Dishes like Japanese BBQ Glazed Sirloin over Sesame Seared Mushrooms and Haricot Verts as well as our New Tuna/Avocado and Salmon Avocado/Rolls help are good "lighter" options to help balance out some of the heavier Fall Cuisine. 


As the weather cools our Nightlife Heats up!  Check out DJ the Dj and Myself tonight and Tomorrow I will open for Dirty Hands from DC.  If you don't already know Chuck aka "Dirty Hands"  is one of DC's most sought after DJ's as well as owner of Heist one of the most exclusive nightclubs in our nations Capital.  He always draws a crowd so get here early!


Chef Andy