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14 Campbell Avenue Southeast
Roanoke, VA, 24011
United States


Metro! is downtown Roanoke, VA's premiere dining and late night experience.


Summer in Roanoke

Brett Lemon

More Summer Menu Sneak Peaks ! I love Caribbean Cuisine and always reflect on my experiences in the Islands. From Miss Emily herself teaching me the Goombay Smash at the Blue Bee Bar to Salt Cod Fritters and Roti. Here are some inspired dishes for summer.

Pulled Chicken Roti... Carribean Flatbread with chicken stewed in curry and coconut milk, Fuji Apple-Mint Chutney, Crème Friache and Hummus.

Sugar Cane Skewered Shrimp Glazed in Tamarind with “Peas n Rice” and House Smoked Bacon.
Peas (Pigeon Peas) and Rice cooked Pilaf style with Tomato, Fresh Thyme, Onion and Bacon is the official National Dish of the Bahamas! See you can learn something reading my stuff!
Another great sign of summer are these baby squash we got in locally sourced from Fred at Roanoke Fruit & Produce Company with the blossoms. They are so delicate and beautiful we just crisp them with a light tempura and serve them with a white soy “ramen” broth. Thanks for Readin!

Chef Andy Schlosser

Downtown Roanoke Best Cocktails

Brett Lemon


One of our new (old) cocktails. Old Tom Gin and Tonic with Ransom Old Tom Gin, a pre-prohibition gin recipe mixed with our homemade Tonic Water! Full Collins glass and a shorty offered for those who just want a try. I am not a fan of Gin and Tonic but this is REALLY good! A must try! Tell us what you think. Bar Manager Taylor Mann and I are concocting a New Cocktail Menu and want your feedback!

Chef Andy Schlosser

Old Tom Gin

Roanoke's Winter Restaurant

Brett Lemon


It's hard to improve on perfection but we did! By necessity actually. You see, When it gets cold, those wonderful homegrown heirloom tomatoes we use on our Kobe Burger cease to be available. So we are stuck with flavorless Hot House Tomatoes. We were disapointed putting those things on our pride and joy burger. SO we took another route and are now topping it with Cornmeal Fried Green Tomatoes and our Crispy Shallots! Come Try our Perfection on Perfection. And for the Tomato Aficionados.....the Home grown tomatoes will be available this Summer as well!! Metro! Kobe Burger with Morel-Leek Jack Cheese, Bibb Lettuce, Homemade Roasted Garlic Mayo, Brioche Bun and now Fried Green Tomatoes and Crispy Shallots. YUM.... And don't forget the Kimchi Fries!!!

Don't forget!

COLD WEATHER FOOD! In 2014 we introduced Roanoke to Congee. Now we have perfected it as the ultimate "Warm me up food" It will be cold as you know what on Wednesday so come out and try a bowl of our Fried Oyster Congee with all the best authentic condiments. It will warm your heart, your soul, and even your Butt! If you eat enough of the Korean Chili paste!!